Oxygen Skin Beautifying Mask
Indication A revolutionary formula, suited to all skin types. Makes the skin appear clear , healthy and revitalized . Helps to tone the skin and improve skin texture, delaying the visible signs of ageing.  
Method of Use Apply all over face, avoiding eye area. Massage with circular movements.  
  Oxygen Skin Treatment Cream  
Indications A revolutionary formula, it creates an enriched layer, revitalizing and providing visible health, beauty and vitality to the skin. Suited to all skin types.  
Method of Use Apply all over face, neck and hands and leave on.  
  Shahnaz Husain Body Care Cleanser
Sea Wave
Indications A luxurious blend of natural extracts that leave the skin naturally clean, fresh and fragrant. Removes impurities and helps to replace oils, moisturizing the skin and protecting its soft, natural beauty.  
Method of Use ----