Luxurious Spa Manicure
Classic Manicure
French Manicure
Polish Change
Paraffin Hand Treatment
Paraffin Foot Treatment
Ionic Cleanse
(Detoxifying your body with
Ionic cleanse package available)
Luxurious Spa Pedicure
Deluxe Pedicure
Classic Pedicure
French Pedicure
French Polish
$28.00 & up
$8.00 & up

VLCC FACIALS: (1hrs 30 min) $55.00 each
Acne Facial  
Anti Tan Facial  
Instaglow Facial  
Lumi Facial
(Package deal available)
Laser Hair removal for ladies and mens
Lifting Treatments $30.00 & up
Soft masque Application $15.00 & up
Basic Shahnaz Facial (1hr) $40.00
All Shahnaz Ayurvedic Products are used to rejuvenate the skin. Suited to all skin types
Neem Facial (1hr 15 min) $45.00
Shahnaz herbals neem range is excellent for acne prone skin.
Honey Facial (1hr 30 min) $55.00
Shahnaz herbal honey health products are used to hydrate the skin.
Flower Facial (1hr 30 min) $55.00
Floral extracts are used in the facial products. Its unique and relaxing with fragrance of flowers and rejuvenating qualities.
Vegetable Peeling (1hr 45 min) $60.00
Purifying treatment for only skin with veg power products and fresh vegetable juices.
Thermo-herb Facial (1hr 50 min) $60.00
Excellent lifting treatment for sagging skin.
Oxygen Facial (2hrs) $70.00
Replenish vital nutrients, increase blood circulation and oxygenation with shahnaz Herbals Oxygen Products. Exclusive treatment increase skin function to produce clear firm and Luminous skin for acne, redness or spider venis.
Fruit Facial (2hrs) $70.00
Unique facial with fresh fruit juices to tone up your skin with a healthier and softer look.
Pearl Facial $70.00
Natural whitening anti-aging treatment with one of the best formulations of shahnaz herbals containing real crushed pearls suited to dry, aging and tanned skin.
Rosaces Treatment (1hr 30min) $70.00
Customized treatment according to your skins need to treat chronic inflammatory conditions around nose, cheeks, chin and brow area (redness).
Aroma Facial (2hrs) $85.00
Metway stress and rejuvenate with the scent of aroma oils.
Gold Facial (2hrs) $80.00
Products containing 24 Karat gold is used in this facial. It makes your skin glow. It has anti-Aging and healing properties.
Collagen Facial (2hrs) $55.00 and up
Anti-aging, hydrolift, whitening and acne treatment available.
Astro Gem Therapy (2hrs 30 min) $105.00
Come and enjoy a facial according to your birth stone. Emerald, ruby, sapphire and topaz facial.
Diamond Facial (3hrs) $135.00
Poweful blend of diamond ashes and botanical Extracts for invaluable age control leaves the skin sparking.
Classic European Facial (1hrs 30min) $85.00
Deeply Cleans and revitalize your skin. Leaving it Soft, supple and glowing with B. Kamins Chemist products.