What is Ayurveda?
Established 5000 years ago, by the great sages of India, Ayurveda is the oldest and most developed system of herbal healing in the world. Literally, Ayurveda means, "The Science of Life". Indeed, it is not merely a system of healing, but an entire way of life, which aims at helping man live in harmony with nature and also in harmony with himself. Ayurvedic philosophy is based on the belief in the one-ness of life and that the human body, plants and all natural substances are part of universal life. They are interdependent and interlinked.

Ayurvedic texts contain the details of a staggering number of plant products, minerals and other natural substances, along with their medicinal properties, their methods of collection and extraction, as well as specific combinations of complementary herbs. The specific processing methods and the well-known combinations enhance the efficacy of the treatment.

Advantages of Ayurvedic Care:
* Ayurvedic ingredients have a long history of safe usage.
* They offer safety from irritate after-effects.
* The human body responds well to natural substances and has an in-built resistance to synthetic ones.
* Plant products and other natural substances have powerful and specific healing properties.
* They influence the skin and scalp at the cellular level and improve normal functions.
* They help to restore the normal balances.
* They are particularly suited to skin and hair care, as the ingredients which are selected have no toxicity.
* Natural fragrances of flower and herb extracts help to calm the nerves and induce relaxation.

Apart from products for general care and maintenance, we offers therapeutic formulations and clinical treatments for the cure of specific problems like acne, pimples, pigmented skin, freckles, premature aging, scars, sensitivity, dehydration, under-eye dark circles, cellulite, enlarged pores, dandruff, hair damage, hair loss and alopecia. Clinical Treatments follow specialized techniques, using ozone therapy, vegetable peeling procedures, medicated lotions and ointments, galvanic treatments, hydration, massage, etc., according to the specific problem.

Protective, Preventive, Corrective and Rejuvenating Clinical Treatments, supported by prescribed Home-Care Regimen.

Normal Facial: Cleansing, Toning, Nourishing and Protection, with specialized products and massage. Thermoherb Facial: Mini Face-Lift, with massage and Thermoherb Mask, an ancient thermal mask, which has been improved with modern techniques. Anti-aging.

Galvanic Facial: Massage with a specialized gadget, which makes use of a galvanic current. Improves skin absorption and penetration of products. Intensifies the effects of herbal extracts.
Aromatherapy Facial: Massage with essential oils, for inducing relaxation, reducing stress and curing specific problems.
Gold Facial: Massage with 24 Carat pure gold gel and cream, to stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Intensive toning and use of specialized mask, containing 24 carat gold. Accelerates cell-renewal. Intensive age-control and rejuvenating treatment.

Specialized Treatments
1. Acne, Pimples, Spots, Open Pores, Blackheads.
2. Pigmented skin and Freckles.
3. Post-Acne and other Scars.
4. Dehydration and Dry-Skin Sensitivity.

Ayurvedic products for Skin Care:
Cleansers, Soaps, Scrubs, Cleansing Grains, Pre-wash Cream, Flower-based Skin Tonics and Refreshers, Moisturizing Lotions and Creams, Nourishing Creams, Protective Creams, Sunscreens, Under-eye Cream and Lotions, Masks, Rehydrant Mast for eye care, as well as therapeutic creams, ointments and lotions.

Specialized Products for general care and treatment of hair loss, alopecia, hair damage (split ends and hair breakage), dandruff and related conditions.
Clinical treatments, using ozone therapy and specialized formulations, help to stimulate the follicles, create a germicidal environment, check problems like hair loss and dandruff, promote hair growth and restore good health to the hair and scalp.
Medicated products, consisting of hair tonics and revitalizers, herbal shampoos and rinses; herbal hair food treatments, henna conditioners, medicated ointments and herbal hair styling gels, are recommended for routine home-care.

Specialized Products and Clinical Treatments for the care of the hands, feet and body, as well as treatments for problems like cellulite, stretch marks, dehydrated skin, etc.
Ayurvedic products for Body Care include pre-was protective creams, hand and body creams, body massage oil, body shampoos, after-bath body lotions, body/bust firming masks, lotions for baby care, as well as Aromatherapy Bar of essential oils for relief of muscular tension, fatigue, mental stress and cellulite. Ayurvedic preparations for healthcare include tonics, pain relievers, herbal drinks, digestives and so on.